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Augmented Reality Product Configurator

Create a better customer experience by using interactive AR configurators for your e-commerce store. Find the best tools and information here.


What are augmented reality configurators?

Imagine choosing features and colors for your new car and seeing it in augmented reality as you go. This is possible with an augmented reality product configurator. Online shops can provide a much better user experience using this technology.

AR in e-commerce

Update your online store with AR

2021 is the year of augmented reality. Thanks to the pandemic even more people started using online shopping for their daily needs. And many will keep shopping on the web this year and beyond.

e-commerce stores need to adapt now and augmented reality is a powerful tool to keep growing your business. AR offers a great solution as a substitute for shopping in a physical store.

Everything you need to know

about augmented reality configurators

Technology has brought us to a new phase of transformation. The latest technology has surprised us with novel inventions, one of which is augmented reality. Empowering you to control the world with virtual reality, augmented reality is poised to redefine your future. So, let’s get acquainted with this technology and how it will benefit you in the future.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is a live-action in a digitalized world. It lets you pick and choose what you want to interact with. It predicts your every move and provides you with what you want with one click. It allows you to create your own concepts and view them in an augmented environment. AR is no more an idea or a theory but becoming more a reality with its applications going beyond imagination.

Today most achievements and even smaller ones are realized with AR. The technology is moving forward with its applications on the go. Augmented Reality has covered almost every field, from medicine to science to entertainment. It has equally benefitted the invention of films. Now they can’t make a film without augmentation of realism – after all, it’s the best way to leave your mark in visual art.

Augmented Reality in Sales and Retail

Retailing is a complex process. You need smart marketing techniques backed by precise targeting. People go in for retail alternatives mostly because of the inaccessibility of shopping in the offline world. The process is inconvenient, and the same thing is the case with online shopping.

These two mediums have a flaw – they make the process impersonal. But augmented reality changes all of that. Augmented reality merchandising puts the consumer at the center of the deal. Unlike conventional images, which show the products on screen, AR uses a real object to represent a product. Thus, the user can see and use the product as well. Online or offline, products are easily accessible, and consumers can actually see how they would look when placed in a room. The images, in fact, are so real that the consumer might not be able to differentiate them from reality.

In sales, too, obtaining leads, scanning and tracking them, and reaching out to your client becomes easy. Augmented reality does it all. It offers a multitude of features to you as a seller that will improve your sales. One such feature is the augmented actual reality view in which the customer will hold the smartphone or tablet in front of the product, and the product will interact with him/her. The augmented reality will assist the user in selecting the product. With this feature, you can obtain a higher conversion rate and make a sale.

What Are Augmented Reality Configurators?

Augmented reality configurators are a great way to showcase products that are difficult to explain with pictures. Augmented reality configurators enabled businesses to empower their customers to interact, customize and personalize their choices.

AR configurators allow customers to swivel the item, change its color, or remove some parts of it to make them their own choice. This gives the business from an R&D standpoint a chance to incorporate user feedback, measure demand, and decrease the time and cost associated with product development and production. From a sales standpoint, AR configurators give businesses greater value from their marketing efforts and help them improve conversion rates while keeping their potential customers engaged, educated, and entertained.


Our world has been successively transformed by technology. From being mere humans, we have become digitalized, smart human beings. With the advancing technological change, it has become very difficult to catch up with every new pitch. However, augmented reality has brought a new sensation, and we are well past the ‘science fiction’ age. With new research coming up every day, it is only but obvious that augmented reality will be a part of everyday life sooner or later.